5 Things to do in Prague

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is a popular tourist destination located in central Europe. From its rich history, culture, and architecture from the Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance era to its nightlife and shopping, Prague has it all. So, without further ado, here are my handpicked top 5 things to do in Prague.

  1. Prague Castle complex 

At the top of a hill overlooking the city and the Vltava river lies the Prague Castle complex.  There are several beautiful buildings including the castle and the gothic St. Vitus Cathedral. Entry to the castle is free, however, there are entry fees to enter most buildings. 

  1. Old Town Square

Old Town square is probably the most recognisable part of Prague. The square is dominated by the gothic Church of Our Lady Before Tyn and is home to the Astronomical Clock where crowds of tourist gather around to watch its mechanical dolls dance, every hour on the hour. Old Town Square is also known for its Christmas and Easter markets. 

  1. Karlovy Lázne 

If nightlife is your thing, Karlovy Lázne is a must! Karlovy Lázne is said to be the biggest club in central Europe. This 5-story club has every genre of music you could ask for, an ice pub, an oxygen and robotic bar. 

  1. The museum of communism 

Prague is filled with museums each one as unique as the next, but my museum of choice has to be the museum of communism. The museum walks you through Czechoslovakia’s communist-era starting right from the beginning to the end. The museum covers all aspects of life from daily life, education and art to economics, the army and censorship. 

  1. The local Cuisine 

Whilst in Prague I would suggest trying as much of the traditional Czech cuisine as possible. My favourite meal had to be the duck, Czech dumplings, and red cabbage. In Prague you will also find deserts stands and old sweet shops on every corner. A must have is the Trdelník (chimney cake) which is roasted rolled dough covered in cinnamon, sugar and chopped nuts. You can eat them plain, or there are also lots of options to fill them with ice cream, chocolate, fruit, cream etc. 

There you have it, my pick of the best things to do in Prague.

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