Backpacking Europe

As I was going through the schooling process, I truly started to understand that going straight into University wasn’t for me. I had this growing desire to go travel for a year before going back into education.

With all my friends going straight into Uni, I had to come to the idea of the fact that I’d be going on this adventure alone, I couldn’t be more excited. 

Whilst I was planning my trip, I was overwhelmed with the options. Where are the best places, how long should I spend at each destination, how long should I travel for, should I interrail? The main question was though, what would my budget be to travel Europe?

Backpacking Europe

I found a few companies that offered organised tours that are easy to book onto. I decided to go with Invasion Travel. They handle all the organisation, they have reps which stay with you the whole time (this definitely settled my parents nerves) and they have travel experts at each location.

Backpacking Europe Routes 22 Days

Now that I’m back from travelling, I came up with my “5 best advice points for travelling europe, pre departure”

1. Research Backpacking Europe 2 weeks routes

This will give you a great understanding of where you want to visit and where the best locations are. See my suggestion below. 

2. Research Backpacking Europe 3 weeks routes

This will give you an even deeper understanding of places you can visit, making sure you don’t miss any of those spots in your backpacking Europe 22 day tour. Check out Invasion Travel’s Great European Adventure 

3. Have a look at backpack Europe packing lists

This will allow you to ensure you’re not carrying more than you need whilst making sure you don’t miss the essentials. Check out this one from The Savvy Backpacker

4. If you’re backpacking Europe alone I’d advise booking into city centre accommodation and hostels.

This is a great opportunity to make new friends and potentially meet your new travel family. 

5. Make sure you get your backpacking europe budget correct.

I would always advise taking a little bit extra to ensure you don’t miss out on the things you’ve been dreaming of doing. 

The Backpacking Europe Route I did was through Invasion Travel and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It had the perfect balance between city, beach, adventure. All the accommodation was centrally located and the transport was very efficient. Over the 22 days, we visited 8 countries. Here is where we stopped: 

If you’d like to do this or something similar check it out here.

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