Five cheap activities in Barcelona the locals love

Travelling on a budget? Looking to avoid the touristy stuff and explore the city like a local? Here’s 5 things cheap activities you can do that the locals love on your Invasion Travel trips. Barcelona can be a pricey city in some areas, but wherever you go there is always the opportunity to save a few quid without sacrificing quality. Steer clear of La Ramblas and follow this guide – here’s 5 things you can do to ensure your trip to Barcelona is a budget travel dream! 

cheap activities in Barcelona the locals love

Bunker Del Carmel 

One thing that’s always free? Checking out the sunset. Even better when you can do that from this out of the way former Civil War bunker, with the absolute best view of the city. A small uphill walk after hopping off the metro and you’ll be able to round off every day with friends, a drink and some peace and quiet with the locals. Sunset is normally around 9:30 in the summer, so head to the bars afterwards and enjoy the rest of your night! 

Parque del Laberint d’Horta 

Barcelona’s Labyrinth Park is a beautiful little escape if you’re nursing a hangover or just fancy taking some time to do your usual things in a different city! Feel free to chill in the gardens, read a book, have a coffee or ice cream and just enjoy the company you’re with. Out of the way from the city centre, there’s plenty of reasonably priced eateries around here that the tourists won’t be visiting! Grab some cheap tapas and head back to the city for the rest of your day. Entry: €3.

Montjuïc Castle 

Another sunset spot! After you’ve had your lunch, talk a rather large hike up to the Castle and spend an hour or two walking the grounds, learning about the history and taking some photos with amazing views! It’s only €5 and it’s much better for a budget traveller than heading up Mount Tibidabo. Explore a more unique piece of Catalan history and get a bit of exercise, all whilst saving a bit of money! A nice stroll to the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc afterwards will start your evening off well. 

Ciutadella Park

Head to another park with a lot of character, no labyrinth here but plenty to see! It’s the oldest park in Barcelona, kitted out with a Zoo and beautiful greenery. A nearby walk from plenty of interesting shops, eateries and monuments – the park is ideal for taking your mind off things for an hour or so before heading back to your busy plans. The park’s massive fountain is unique and beautiful, so choose that as your place of rest for a while and stay strong when the local salesman tries to sell you pieces of coconut for €3 a pop. No cost to enter so perfect for cheap travel. 

Free Walking Tours and Museums 

They’re in every European city and I don’t need to say much about them – they’re great fun and very informative, just make sure you leave a tip! The city also has plenty of museums you can head to free of charge, learning about Catalan history, natural history, maritime and sculptures! And those are the ways you can travel like a local (on a budget!). If you’re interested in a cheap Barcelona travel plan, check out what we offer here.

And those are the ways you can travel like a local (on a budget!). If you’re interested in a cheap Barcelona travel plan, check out what we offer here.

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