Weekend Trip to Barcelona

Known as the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Barcelona is perfect for a weekend trip away or part of a European tour, the architecture and cosmopolitan vibe will make you fall in love with its history. This Barcelona travel guide will help you prepare for your solo trip to the stunning Spanish city.

What to do in Barcelona?

If you can only do a weekend trip to Barcelona, firstly, I would rate Barcelona as a must visit, so don’t let the thought of travelling alone put you off. It’s sometimes hard to take the first step and book that solo trip but you will not regret it. It’s sometimes even better to discover a destination when travelling solo, because the full trip is in your hands and you can see exactly what you want to see. I booked my trip through Invasion Travel, although I loved the idea of travelling alone, I wanted the reassurance that I’d definitely meet people like myself. This gave me the opportunity to do just that. I had my travel fam I’d met on the coach, but I also had the freedom to go off and explore.

Thanks to Mr Gaudi, Barcelona has some of the most unique architecture in the world. Pair this with beautiful weather, delicious food and all this being located near the beach – a solo travellers dream! I’d recommend joining a bike tour, similar to the walking tours you’ll get to meet like minded travellers and you might make some new friends. You’ll explore hidden streets and alleys as well as grand majestic buildings, scouting out spots you’d like to visit later. It’s often less awkward to ask someone in the group to take pictures for you rather than asking strangers. 

weekend away in Barcelona
Picture taken on the Barcelona Bike Tour

Weekend Nightlife in Barcelona

Even if your just on a weekend trip to Barcelona… you’ll soon find out that Barcelona is nightlife central, I noticed a few different crowds on my evenings. Traditional Spanish clubs and bars are scattered around the city and the bars on the beach were filled with locals every evening. So if you want a taste of traditional Sangria, head to the lounge clubs on the beach. The bars along the Gothic District had a younger audience; groups of people travelling and friends enjoying a weekend away. In most places, the last call was at 2am, so there’s plenty of time to party. As a young female traveller, I felt completely safe at all times because it is always so busy with tourists. Just keep an eye out for pickpockets at all times, but this is like most cities I guess! 

Top Barcelona Tips

1 – Try. The. Tapas. Then try some more. 
2 – La Ramblas is quite expensive, so wander and find cheaper bar / restaurant alternatives.
3 – Don’t buy water – there are water fountains all over the city and it’s a good way to keep your spending down. There’s actually an app where you can track all the fountains if you’re worried about your next drink! 

I had an incredible time in Barcelona as a solo female traveller and I would recommend a weekend away to the Spanish City to anyone. I drank far too much sangria and ate far too much local cheese, but it really is a travellers dream. Check out Invasion Travel for their ideal Barcelona Weekender

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