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Invasion is part of Invasion Camp Group, which was founded in 2010 by University friends Nick Steiert and Lee McAteer, who met whilst studying law at Leeds University, which is where their passion for organising events and entrepreneurial spirit was first fostered; two friends who were destined for a career in law, until life dealt them a different hand.

Invasion was initially founded as ‘Invasion Events Ltd’ by Nick Steiert in 2008 and initially organised events in the UK. In 2010, the company expanded overseas travel when it launched its first trip to Amsterdam, taking 50 students from the cities of Liverpool, Birmingham and London (and making a whopping £7 profit in the process!).

The logo that Invasion uses today is still the same logo that was used on following the inauguration of the company, with the inspiration coming from a life size Ancient Greek helmet gifted to Nick by his Grandma – a symbol of his Greek heritage.

Upon realising the potential of the company in 2009, Lee joined the business as an equal shareholder and the pair would go on to co-found a whole host of other products such as AmeriCamp, Camp Thailand, Camp Vietnam, Camp Cambodia and Camp South Africa, to name but a few.

In 2016, they would go on to purchase an empty warehouse unit and convert it into “Salford’s coolest office” as described by the Manchester Evening News – an immersive, fun-filled hub packed with movie memorabilia, as well as a a life size palm tree; the office also converts into a nightclub by night and represents a drastic change from the early days when Nick and Lee were working from their respective parents bedrooms.

Today, Invasion is one of the largest youth travel organisations in the UK, offering a wide choice of life- changing and unforgettable experiences, whether that involves visiting the sites in Europe’s cultural cities, volunteering in South Africa, partying in Amsterdam, working at an American Summer Camp or teaching in Thailand.

We’re committed to providing unique experiences that make a difference and it’s through our focus on excellent customer service and innovative practices that we’re able to do this and we rely on a dazzling, cherry picked team across the world to help us achieve our mission.

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